Top 5 Best Phone Spy Apps for Android and IPhone 2017

Technology has evolved fast and you can do many things sitting comfortably in your house.

This was not possible two or three decades ago.

Smartphones and other smart devices have made our lives lot easier.

Here, we will look into the top 5 mobile spy apps that can be used to spy on other mobiles.

This can be useful for parents who want to monitor their child’s activity on phone.

You can always be ready to help your loved ones if they are in trouble because with great online features come many risks too.

1. FlexiSpy:

For some time now FlexiSpy is the forerunner in the sector of mobile spy apps.

They have two packages – premium and extreme.

Premium gives basic features and extreme gives many advanced features.

In premium, you can get the KeyLogger along with the call logs, messages (WhatsApp, IM messages, and Facebook messenger), location tracking, and media storage.

This software is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, MacOS, BlackBerry, and even Nokia Symbian.

The extreme package gives you many added features like call recording, ambient recording, remote camera image, and even live call interception.

For the FlexiSpy to work you should have the device in your hand while installing and you will have to root or jailbreak the device for installation.

2. 9SpyApps:

9SpyApps is an advanced monitoring software for cell phones.

Once you successfully install this mobile app on the target device it will work in a stealth mode.

When I said stealth mode it means it is completely invisible and the user will not know until you tell him/her so.

The online account that you get when you purchase this application will give you access to the user’s SMS, call logs, GPS location, media files, contacts, IM messages, and internet usage history.

You can use this on your child’s or employee’s device so that you can monitor what they are doing.

3. Copy9:

This is one of the best mobile spy app in the market that can be used to monitor your child’s activity on the mobile phones.

The main feature that is useful in Copy9 is the GPS tracker and using this you can track your child’s location.

It is important for the safety of your kids both physically and mentally.

The trackers for calls, message, browser history, WhatsApp, and Facebook activities make it easier for the parents to ensure that their children are safe.

This can also be used as GPS tracker by employers or for your spouse. The installation is easy and you need not root the target device for that.


This is an advanced monitoring software than just a mobile spy app.

You can use the software on both mobiles and computers.

Even though this software is costlier than its competitors, the features justify the cost.

You have the options for live monitoring of calls, messages, IM chats, VoIP calls, and e-mails.

You can control the software remotely from your device.

Even the uninstallation can be initiated from your device.

There are four different plans featuring different packages for smartphone, tablet, and computer.

The interesting feature that I could see here is that you will get notifications when the target user mentions your name in messages.

5. MxSpy:

The last one on the list is something that is specially designed for parental control.

With this Spy App, you can make sure that your kids and teenagers are safe from the online threats.

The advanced features even give you the option to block certain websites and phone numbers.

The online control panel allows you to restrict your child’s activities to certain period so that they do not waste time on phone.

The software is compatible with Android OS.